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  1. Hi. I liked the new look : ]
    I’ve been listening to your posts for a few years.
    Good taste, man. Thanks for the site!!

    Heres a “Earth Wind And Fire+Die Antwoord+M.IA”(+Beastie Boys and Hermanos Castro) deep dub versus remix I made. Its so much fun! Like your site!

    The second one is a Tame Impala remix for It feels like we only go backwards.

    I hope you like ’em.

  2. Thank You for donating your time to share music of other talented individuals, its been a fortune knowing I can go somewhere and here quality music I can get real with.


  3. Hi dude.
    I’ve been watchin’ your site for some time now. You are one of a kind.
    I wanna thank you for your sharing.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    How can i send in my music to be considered for a post, i’ve tried several of times and never heard anything back.

  5. just wanted to say this blog is AWESOME. i have been following for a while, andddd. im just gonna say it, its fucking awesome.


  6. Dok… I never got to thank you for all the great music you had on the old site. I filled up many a hard drive . I’m glad to see your still doing your thing …. 1Luv … Peace

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