Fid Mella – Tatas Plottn


It’s been over a month since Fid Mella‘s album came out but i hadn’t the chance to post about it, it’s called “Tatas Plottn” and it was released on October 11th on the german label Melting Pot Music,  first of all i liked the concept behind the album: “Fid Mella produced the records over the last two years in his home-town Meran. Whenever he was visiting his family, he headed straight to his father’s records collection and chopped beats on the spot. Mella’s father was a serious prog-rock head which you can easily tell when listening to this record. Nuff said. To keep all things family, Mella asked his brother Sebastian to do the artwork. Which he did.” then i liked the music, 29 tracks for a really good album, enjoy!

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