Freddie Joachim – Fiberglass Kisses


Released just 2 weeks ago “Fiberglass Kissess” it’s already my favourite Freddie Joachim’s album because you get great beats and some beautiful tracks featuring some great voices, Miles Bonny, Mar, Carlitta Durand and J.Mitchell plus a good remix by Eric Lau. Perfect sound between Hip Hop, Soul, and Electronic so hey you should not miss this album!

For more info and buy check:

Listen When You Look At The Moon:

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  1. been coming here for years interesting new look, love the concept of no longer posting albums, I used to run a blog……..eventually came to the same conclusion……Does this also mean no more 1960 – 1979 jazzz, funk & soul LP’s? thats a shame + the new white look…..not as iinviting as the old look……I will continue to visit though.

    Gret work….long may it continue

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