Hey! This is RAPPAMELO

preamble: The whole thing was planned for early next year but but I decided to do it now.


yep. you’re not on the wrong blog…. this is Rappamelo.

let me explain:

I love to do the blog… really i do…. but…. too much stress in last 3-4 months so i decided that it was time to change.

What means CHANGE???

no more “links” that’s for sure (and if you liked rappamelo just because of the links you can close this page right now)

but: news, articles, mixes, free stuff and much more.

if you are thinking that all this is related to comments to the “famous” post… nope! they surely pushed me to do it right now but to be honest the whole process started back in August, i had some email exchange with “a guy” (i won’t say who he is but i love his art) that proposed me to be involved on his website on doing something like this….. then he made me thinking on doing this by myself.

no you don’t have to blame him or anyone else because it’s MY decision, my initial idea was “let’s finish this year and then move on” so it was just matter of time.

as you can see the blog right now is empty, the old one is currently running here > archive.rappamelo.com but it won’t stay online forever so be quick if you may have missed something.

Don’t like the new Rappamelo? hey… i don’t want to sound like an asshole but… you are free.

enjoy (if you want)


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  1. “and if you liked rappamelo just because of the links you can close this page right now”

    You honestly believe we come here for your two-bit commentary and the AllMusic/Dusty Groove album descriptions you lift and and post along with every album? Wow.

    Good luck, dude.

  2. This aint life. I dont want to be stupid, but I liked old rappamelo, because of links. I know I am stupid, but cant help it. RIP Rappamelo, good luck, I understand. Peace.

  3. hey man could you please leave up the old page instead of removing it soon?
    thanks for all the music. theres so much of it though that i havnt been able to explore it all yet and itd be such a shame if all that work and time went to waste
    please please please 🙂

  4. Thanks for everything so far! Hope you’ll continue to post rare and out of print music. Would never have discovered people like Stanley Turrentine and Horace Parlan without you. Cheers!

  5. All this over knxwledge.. I feel you though shit kinda pissed me off as well, letting you build his fanbase knowing you were posting his music then tell you to delete everything.. then to top it off you put together a fav album and he shuns that.. smh anyway gonna miss the site it was really a breathe of fresh air.. wish you the best on your new ideas

  6. noooooooooo! this was the ONLY music blog I religiously followed 🙁 i love jazz, hip hop, world music, beats….and this was perfect for me! You introduced me to soo many new artists out there, i’m really sad to see it all go away! I def want to keep supporting but maybe we can start a running list of other similar blogs?!? Yes let’s do it! Here’s one that sometimes has links, but always has great music….straight from oakland: http://www.38thnotes.com

  7. Just read all these comments.


    Your site EDUCATED us in music, the kind you love and by definition your followers love.

    I beg you to hold true to this in your new venture.

  8. I disappointed for sure. However, considering all the great music that I’ve been able to access because of Rappamelo I at least owe you to stick around and see how your writing goes.

  9. Good for you keep the good work up, im a student 2nd year in london doing magazine publishing, if you ever decide to do print format let me know…

  10. It was fun while it lasted. Hate to say it but don’t think I will visit back often. What made rappamelo was the musical education and the option to download it while you’re at it. If it becomes just another blog sharing the same news, free mixes and downloads that a 100 others already do, it brings nothing to the table. Too early to judge of course, as we don’t know what exactly the content will be, but you’ll probably lose 90% of your following at first. I wish you the best of luck dude. One thing is for sure, the old rappamelo will be missed.

    Yours truly,

    The Dude

  11. Change scares me. Real sorry to see you have to switch up your game like this. I’ve been hooked on your content for year, and I’m excited to see how you adapt to the new format.

    I’m with ya either way!
    Keep the good vibes coming.

  12. its time to find links and rip the music yourselfs now u free loading bastards.
    I learned of sooo many great artists through rappamelo, thanks rappamelo hope u stay around and show us some more great releases

  13. Excited for the future and at the same time in post-mortem of the old format.

    I discovered a good chunk of the music I listen to (and paid for) through this site. It felt like this site dared to share when other sites wouldn’t for the sake of spreading awareness and inspiration.

    Hopefully this site doesn’t lose that ambition. Good luck homie.

  14. You’ve broadened my knowledge in music and helped me discover artists I would have never heard of. I support what you do with this blog as long as you continue spreading the awareness of wonderful artists, both old and new!


  15. Unclear of what your new focus will be, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the reason why I visited this site much more than others was because of the option to hear something interesting if it struck my fancy…and yes I’m talking about the links.
    If that makes me a horrible human being, so be it. But I paid it forward by playing much of that hard to find music on my radio show.
    Oh well, may the old site RIP and best of luck with the new one. I won’t say I’m jumping ship, but I may not be back as often. You may not like to hear it but the links really did help you stand out from the crowd.
    But life goes on…

  16. Im grateful for all youve done for me. Are you going to keep updating the other site ;)?Can you at least give us a list of sites that you get links from?

  17. ¿que paso con el material que habia en la antigua web?
    ¿se perdio? espero se pueda recuperar, me falto harto por descargar…
    Saludos! grande rappamelo!

  18. Frank, it’s clear that you have ill taste. The music you have introduced to many has changed lives. I am looking forward to the new melo. I believe in your vision. Keep it coming!

  19. Congrats on the change, not everybody has guts to change nothing.
    There are thousands of ways to get links if u want them, but not that many sites were to read something interesting. Not to give u a chance would be stupid. Can’t wait.

  20. followed you from your 3rd post, but…… this shit is beyond lame. wont be back. you sold out & chose to go with the no link boring played out blog like the billion other no link blogs that no one ever bothers to go to. good luck being a sheep in the herd

  21. I guess all the GREAT things must come to an end. I will admit, I loved coming to the site being exposed to new, great artists and being one click away from having their music to enjoy. But I will also admit, I have bought some their music, paraphernalia and gone to some of their shows (multiple times even if the previous was WACK) I also turned around and played many of their songs in mixes that (for a couple of artists) brought them some clout and attention. One person even got to fly overseas because of his music from a featured mix of mine (but not me, LOL)

    I love your taste in music Rappamelo and have much respect for your knowledge. It goes deep, but I will sadly say, there are many other blogs of “this” magnitude out there and simply “share and promote” takes your edge away. Best of luck to you.

    If this was really about knxwledge or any of the artists you promoted snubbing you just remember this, “Some artists have beautiful talents but sadly, it does not always translate to personality. Just because you show them love, don’t always mean they will show it back.” They are still human…. Peace……

  22. Lazy-ass-spoiled-children.

    Once one has learned about new/old exciting music a new adventure in findin’ it online (or somewhere else) begins. And we all know how to dig the web for it.


  23. glad to see this up. it was never about the links, but always about the music. you’ve got a great taste and that is what keeps me coming back. hope all is well!


  24. I couldn’t live without Rappamelo, but this new blog…sucks! Sorry man, I’m always honest. You did and AMAZING job!

    Thanks and bye bye.

    Greetings from Spain!

  25. I used to enjoy visiting this blog, you always had amazing artists here to download. I felt that most of your music collection was on point. Its too bad you decided to get rid of the links and just focus on the share and promote aspect, its such a shame. This was one of the best sites I have ever been too and, I would frequent often. If this is because that stupid wack ass Elaquent with his wack ass beats man fuck him dude. The music you promoted old and new was solid I don’t care what a bunch of wack artists say, you posting those links gave something back to the music lovers, the music population.

    Torrents are getting flagged by ISPs, people getting sued, good music is hard to find nowadays it seems were forced to buy entire albums of bad music just for a couple songs. Or risk our credit card information on Itunes to just hear a solid beat. However, your links gave something back to the people. A safe haven to download good rare music without having to worry about trackers, and ISPs, and BS.Rare and hard to find music, classics,stuff I never heard of before this site was A-1.

    I however respect your opinion to give up and start something new best of luck hope I can find a similar site.

    PS: Bahwee> Elaquent LOL Peace

  26. It blows my mind how entitled some of these people are acting. This guy went out of his way and took the risks none of us wanted to take, all for a FREE service to the music-listening community, and you spoiled brats shit all over him when this good thing came to an end. Makes me sick mothafucka, how far we done fell.

    THANK YOU Rappamelo for shining a brief, brilliant light on the musical underground, and good luck to you

  27. hahaha you gave up a good blog to do this man lol. i dont believe you. man i gotta say i read your first few posts & i thought it was a joke…this isn’t some joke right??

    if its not, i think you’ve had a mental break or something. no one wants to go to some shitty blog with single tracks accompanied by some amature album review.

    wake up man & snap the fuck out of it your listening to to many of these do gooder, anti downloading ass kissing robots.

  28. Fuck you all if you were in this page just for the links and not for the awesome reviews this guy did all the time, fucking leechers i can’t believe you actually are letting him down just because he’s not spoon feeding you more music, you can fuck off if you want, i’ll be true to music and rappamelo, this is a big change and i appreciate it, the new webpage looks awesome too.

    Long live rappamelo. Looking forward for more news and reviews, i give two fucks about the links (i think it was a good addition, but not neccesary, only kids that don’t buy shit come to a blog like this just for the links, and it’s sad). I understand and support you brother.

    • your the exact ass kissing loser type i’m talkin about…. so, your true to music hahaha..why??? because your read music reviews?? oh okay, your really into music then…

      one percent of my record collection would make your record collection look like a joke, if you actually buy music…

  29. Thanx a lot for the old Rappamelo and good luck with the new site! It looks really nice and you should always do what your heart tells you to do!!

    Keep it going!!

  30. Wow. The site finally becomes legitimate and the overwhelming amount of commenters are upset that they can’t illegally download people’s music indiscriminately anymore. What a bunch of fuckboys…


    • when you say “finally” i makes it obvious that you’ve been to the blog a number of times…. those times “you” also ……… “download people’s music indiscriminately”

      you sir are a hypocritical fucktard

  31. Change is always happening, but you don’t have to abide. As you can see by all these comments – we LOVED the old rappamelo. So many great artists I was introduced to from that blog. You will most likely lose 90+% of your followers by making this change. Thanks for everything while it lasted. Be well Dok, keep it gully.

    -Zman & Cheese

  32. Nah dude, that’s just ridiculous. i don’t wanna read words, i don’t wanna read any of these dumb reviews nor do i care about artwork. i just want the music. that’s it. i won’t listen to it because some guy writes it’s good. i wanna listen to it whenever, wherever i like. feeling it. creating my own review. not streaming it. not just one free track. if i really like it, i buy it. if i don’t, yeah the music will be still in my collection, but not listened to anymore.
    For inspiration i can and i already do visit multiple blogs and they’re all pretty deep. for instrumentals i.e. i visit strictly beats. pretty decent blog. for jazz, soul, funk and all kinds of hip hop there are tons of blogs out there, just like the one you created now. most of them with a good layout, nice research and also without any links. but who cares about links. if you want it, you find it. it’s just been comfortable to come here and click one button to get it.
    thanks for all the comfort and sometimes inspiration. good luck with your new thing.
    ah yeah, and don’t get lost in posting all these new “artists”, sounding off all the same, nobody wants to hear and every other hip hop-blog is already posting. that’s just annoying.


    • amen to that man. music reviews are useless if your mind is wide open to discover new music, i don’t care what another person thinks about the music i’m about to hear. and about the no-link matter… c’mon, don’t be lazy, if you wanna find it, you’ll find it. as the guy said, it was just comfortable to have the link right there, but tell me you’ve never looked for anything in filestube or soulseek.
      but besides that, i hope that 60s & 70s vibes do not get lost in this rappamelo 2.0

  33. Think the guy way up there hit the nail on the head by saying, if you have somehow got the idea that we came here to read bio’s you’ve ripped from band-camp or a Wikipedia page, you’re sorely mistaken. We came because you identified new artists and were able to create a forum where the ability to acquire these artists music meant paying forward a new generation of understanding and interest in an art form that is being bought to it’s knees by the power of commercial radio and the almighty dollar. Best of luck, no hard feelings, you’ve lost a true fan. And to those saying you came here for the reviews and the bio’s, get off his nut for Christ sake, riding his dick pretending this was anything other than a way to consume and appreciate a niche market won’t bring the old format back.


    • woolves comment is so on point. nothing else really needs to be said apart from over 6000 people joined you on a facebook page. 5990 of those people NEVER came to your site to read bios & “i really like this album blah blah blah boring reviews”.

      you had a niche market giving light to artists no one would have heard before. i think you’ve lost your mind if you actually believe people stream albums nowdays or download single tracks … you get your albums from most places i do so it doesn’t affect me either way i just liked your old jazz …but i’m guessing from what i’ve read in the comments by alot of fans of the blog, you where their only access albums from small underground artists & as you can tell from the comments be it right or wrong the majority are far from happy about it.

      you let people down D0k, plain & simple & have moved to the most boring aspect of blogging culture.

      grow some balls & keeping fighting the record companies & radio stations like the rest of the blogging community are doing by getting these small artists music out there to the masses

      • Dude, seriously?

        Of course it wasn’t really about the reviews, but it hasn’t turned in to exclusively reviews.

        It’s also where you probably were introduced to new artists, got free mixes, learnt good labels to follow etc, and it’s not like that has changed at all.

        This attitude is pretty myopic, since with Audacity and this site it is pretty much the same site anyway.

        Although I must submit, no links for 20+ year old music is going to hurt, and I kind of don’t understand that facet of what he’s done.

  34. Thanks for all that great old jazz music,ie. Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson. Miles, Monk etc. Plus you introduced me to some dudes I hadn’t listen to before. Good luck!

  35. Suck a dick, oh wait, you did, knxwledge’s. “I love his art”. Cunt. I only used your site for convenience as it saved me having to type in the name of the album I wanted into google and following that with the word mediafire. Good luck with your “blog”.

  36. This is disappointing. I ‘m a blogger too; I know about the hard work and pressure from take-down notices. I reduced my workload and took action to prevent harassment from people who had no claims to the music that they were filing complaints on.

    You had a terrific blog with a lot of interesting music and the new one doesn’t interest me so far. I’m switching my bookmark to the archive for as long as it lasts.

    I’m also removing your site from the blogroll. It’s your blog and you are entitled to do whatever you want. But there are thousands of blogs with news, reviews and promotional material. What I see now is not unique enough to stand next to the similar blogs that are already listed.

    Good luck with the new site. Blogging takes a lot of time and it’s not worth it unless you’re happy with what you do.

  37. I honestly came here for the links and the good music that was posted, but I feel you on revamping the site. The Alphabet Boys was probably giving you heat after that “particular fiasco” with a certain beatmaker and posting his music. It’s all good though. Sometimes change is good. I will continue to come and support the blog. Keep doing your thing man. Peace.

  38. hi man,
    has been shown that people who download music is also the one who buys a greater extent.
    if you wanted to do a favor to yourself then that’s fine, if you wanted to do the music you’ve got it all wrong, just like all the big record labels

  39. Hey DoK,

    I will still come visit. I’ll say what many have already said: I would love to have the links and visited at LEAST a couple of times a weeks since I first found your site. You have excellent (and often parallel) taste(s) to mine and turned me on to a lot of things that I might never have heard of otherwise. Thanks for all and I wish you the best of luck. Also, when/if I have something to send that can be legitimately uploaded and shared, I will absolutely submit it to you for your perusal and creative curating.

    You have my e-mail, be in touch any time – I’d love to see where and how I might be able to help… check out http://www.Fusicology.com when you get a minute, and check for potential synergy.

    Take care, be well and speak soon,


  40. I did come here for the links. God I love those links. Can’t lie to you Dok, but the old web was everythin to me, you introduced me to so many great new artists, old and new alike, that it gave me a new perspective of what hip hop, jazz, soul and funk really is. It’s a shame you won’t be able to share with us any downloads, but hey, you’re an educator, and I’m thankful for everything that you’ve taught ME at least. I will continue to come here and be updated. Thanks for your services.

  41. Old Rappamelo was my favorite blog. It changed the way I saw hip hop and then made me fall in love with jazz. I’m addicted to the links, man. I’m afraid it won’t be the same. It comforts me a lot that we’ll still have a new Rappamelo to follow but… There’s just a massive hole in my chest.

    Thank you so much for everything and good luck brotha!

    (Seriously, you do sound like an asshole in this post)

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