S3 – Supa Soul Sh​*​t


S3 are Miles Bonny (Voice + Flugelhorn) and Brenk Sinatra (Beats). I’ve listened the album multiple times and i liked a lot, Miles Bonny has a beautiful voice and Brenk has beautiful beats, definitely a great album!

For more info and buy check: www.mpmsite.com

Full listen:


  1. Daaaamn. Took me some time to get into that one, but this piece is the freaking bomb! Just love the combo of a soul vocalist and some dopeass producer. I don’t wanna compare it to anything, but since “Illa J – Yancey Boys” nothing of that “genre” caught my era that way. Just some fuckin hot beats and an incredibly tempting voice!
    These two did a really good job. Miles & Brenk, you got me hooked!!

    Cheers Shlomo

  2. Hi there,

    i like the new host and the way it looks now, but where are all those files you guys had here. I mean, i don’t see the RAP files or RAP categories you guys had in the old host?

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