DâM-FunK “Amaretto Sunset” [Unreleased Cassette Tape Recording]


New (old) unreleased track from DâM-FunK, enjoy! by the way….. follow him on soundcloud (soundcloud.com/damfunk) he release a lot of demo and unreleased stuff.

An early recording on cassette tape, recorded in Inglewood, California sometime during the very late 90’s. (I forgot what year). But, this is the kind of stuff I was ‘experimenting’ with even back then, while still working odd jobs & holding on to them, in & around L.A. just to pay my small studio apartment rent every 1st of the month + pay for studio time to create & take my lady out every once in a while on the town. *I never gave up on the ‘Funk’ dream.

– D-F

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