DâM-FunK “Destination: Known” [Unreleased]


Final free download of 2012 from DâM-FunK, enjoy! if you missed some…. check: soundcloud.com/damfunk

Couldn’t fit it (due 2 the length of this composition) on the 2009 full-length debut: “Toeachizown”.

Yo, stay strong everybody. For real. Don’t let anyone try 2 hold anything over your head or fu*k around & try 2 bring U down out here, while navigating thru this thing we know called: ‘life’. Just keep pushin’..& enveloping your soul, spirit, self & entire being in: ‘The Light’.


“Destination: Known” – 14:16
(All music by: DāM-FunK)

**Stay focused.

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