everybodydigs#38 Jaco Pastorius – Jaco Pastorius


everybodydigs# is a series of posts about Jazz, Funk, Soul & R’n’b albums released from the 20s to the 90s, you can read a brief description/review and listen to a small preview (when it’s possible). everybodydigs# is like when someone tells you “hey you should listen to this album!” and nothing less, enjoy!

With one album, this self-titled first release, bass phenomenon Jaco Pastorius was catapulted into the position of the greatest electric bass player that ever lived. Officially discovered by Blood, Sweat & Tears drummer Bobby Colomby, Jaco’s revolutionary use of the bass as a solo instrument made him one of the most compelling instrumentalists of the electric era. Indeed, this record marked a turning point in the history of music–from the period before Jaco Pastorius and the period since.

Personnel includes: Jaco Pastorius (bass); Sam Moore, Dave Prater (vocals); Wayne Shorter (soprano saxophone); David Sanborn (alto saxophone); Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Howard Johnson (baritone saxophone); Randy Brecker (trumpet); Peter Graves (bass trombone); Peter Gordon (French horn); Hubert Laws (piccolo); Max Pollikoff, Arnold Black (violin); Julian Barber, Al Brown (viola); Kermit Moore, Beverly Lauridsen (cello); Herbie Hancock (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards); Alex Darqui (Fender Rhodes piano); Homer Mensch (acoustic bass); Narada Michael Walden, Lenny White, Bobby Economou (drums); Othello Molineaux, Leroy Williams (steel drums); Don Alias (bongos, congas, bells, okonko y iya, afuche, percussion).

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