Weedy of 40 Winks – Retrospect Suite


New album from Weedy of 40 Winks released today on the berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, enjoy!

In a repeatedly rephrased metaphor of vinyl archaeologists digging for samples and re-constructing music from tiny pieces and fractions of long lost sounds, Weedy of 40 Winks is actually a rare example of this image being executed to perfection. His puzzling way of piecing together intricate beats, rich in details, breaks and variations, is rather analogous to surrealist art than to most of his fellow contemporary beat-smiths. On top he adds his own instrumentation to perfect these compositions, being like a conservator creating mosaics of rhythms, grooves and harmonies, giving the listeners imagination ample space to wander about.

For more info and buy check: www.projectmooncircle.com

Full listen here:

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