CohenBeats – Milk and Honey Vol.1


Got this on the mail, Cohenbeats 26 years old beatmaker from Israel, This is “Milk & Honey Vol. 1” hist last project with 27 beats made using Israeli samples only, available now as free download on bandcamp, enjoy! props to

Cohenbeats has been a long time friend and one of the best beat makers we know. It was only a matter of time until he would’ve released an album on Raw Tapes…
Even though Cohenbeats (also one half of the rap group Cohen@Mushon) has always had a soft spot for Israeli samples, this time he focused on 25 of his favorite beats sampled only from Israeli records from the 60’s up to the 80’s, 2 beats from Israeli related samples and many skits of Israeli people speaking half ass English. We even went far enough to feature Hebrew writings on the cover, if you ever wondered what it looked like…
We figured since all we hear in the news is political related, we needed someone to show us another side of the middle east.

So there you go, 27 nose punching, throat grabbing, heart moving beats.

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