The image above is pretty clear “a mix/mixtape every monday” not by me nor rappamelo but by YOU!

I received some mix/mixtapes in the past weeks but i didn’t really know what to do because i didn’t like the idea to post them randomly into the blog so i thought to do something like sampleecious or everybodydigs but made by you.

What you need to do????  just send your mix/mixtape to > null

but please read the following “guidelines”:

– Please use “mixamelo submission” as subject of the email.
– Please provide an “embedded player” like Sound Cloud, Mixcloud or similar.
– Please provide some infos about you, i mean: what’s your name, where are you from etc…
– Please write few words about your mix/mixtape.

Don’t worry, even if you do not follow any of the above guidelines i will consider your email but please do.

ps. if you have already sent your mix/mixtape in the past (even yesterday) send it again!