Portico Quartet – Live / Remix


The English band Portico Quartet is back with a double album entitled “Live / Remix“. “Live” features live recordings tracks from the eponymous album released in 2012, Portico Quartet, with also “Clipper” and “Dawn Patrol” two tracks from their past albums. “Remix” curated by Portico Quartet, features mixes of their music by some of the band’s favourite producers and DJs like: Will Ward, SBTRKT, Luke Abbott, Scratcha DVA, LV, Capac, Konx-om-Pax and Luca Lozano.

While “Live” is really beautiful and you can feel the energy through all the tracks, “Remix” instead is too anonymous and it seems like a “B Side” of the album but overall “Live / Remix” it’s something that you can not miss.  Down below you can watch/listen the live version of “Steepless ft. Cornelia”.

“Live / Remix” is available now at: www.realworldrecords.com enjoy!

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