Coultrain “When 2 and 2 Make 1 (An Answer)”


Coultrain dropped another non-album track, it’s called “When 2 and 2 Make 1 (An Answer)” and it can be streamed & downloaded down below, enjoy!

‘When 2 and 2 make 1( an answer)’ is a piece that Seymour calls from the depths of his being, it is ‘The answer’ he’s been searching for throughout his existence, as they say, everything is complicated because everything is so simple. This piece also serves as an allusion and a foreshadow of what occurred during his return from sabbatical. Thus his journey begins searching for the lady who will complete the equation.

WHEN 2 AND 2 MAKE 1 (AN ANSWER) music composed and mixed by DEXTER STORY

DOWNLOAD! (right click and save)


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