sampleecious#: a post every Friday where i choose just one great track sampled for one or more other great tracks, also you can listen to (when it’s possible) a small preview on the video below, enjoy!

#19: “The Egg” by Herbie Hancock from “Empyrean Isles” released in 1964 > sampled in > “Jazz Cats Pt. 1” by Quasimoto from “The Unseen ” released in 2000.


Joe Barbieri – Chet Lives!


Italian singer Joe Barbieri, along with 2 jazz artists Luca Aquino and Antonio Fresa, released this beautiful tribute to Chet Baker called “Chet Lives!“.

For the 25h anniversary of the Chet Baker’s death they decided to reinterprate the most beautiful Chet Baker’s songs to celebrate one of the most important Jazz artits of all time. Maybe a bit too minimalist, but through all the 9 tracks this album reminds us that….. Chet Lives.

Down below you can stream “I Fall In Love Too Easily” featuring the beautiful voice of Stacey Kent while you can get your copy of “Chet Lives” at or on iTunes, enjoy!

Download: Metal Sampleecious


If you follow Rappamelo on Facebook you may have seen “Metal Sampleecious“,  a spotify playlist with songs sampled by Metal Fingers aka MF Doom. Like A Tribe Called Sampleecious you can download it! Tracklist below and download at the bottom, enjoy!

you can still stream “Metal Sampleecious” on Spotify.

Ronnie Laws – Friends and Strangers (Myrrh)
The Blackbyrds – Love is Love (White Willow bark)
Jon Lucien – Maiden Voyage (Eucalyptus)
Roy Ayers – Vibrations (Bergamont Wild)
The Blackbyrds – April Showers (Lavender Buds)
Ronnie Laws – Solid Ground (Cinquefoil)
Sugarhill Gang – Passion Play (Devil’s Shoestring)
Roy Budd – The Storm Killer (Main Title) (Wormwood)
Boz Scaggs – Lowdown (Black Snake Root)
Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – We Almost Lost Detroit (Camphor)
Bobby McFerrin – Moondance (Burdrock Root)
The New Birth – Do It Again (Valerian Root)
Idris Muhammad – The Saddest Thing (Myrtle Leaf)
Quincy Jones feat. James Ingram – One Hundred Ways (Monosodium Glutamate)
Bobbi Humphrey – Just A Love Child (Orange Blossoms)
Anita Baker – Sweet Love (Jasmine Blossoms)
Isaac Hayes – What Does It Take (Benzoin Gum))
Sade – Kiss Of Love (Saffron)
Anita Baker – Been So Long (Arrow Root)
Isaac Hayes – Walk On By (Galangal Root)


everybodydigs#105 Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil


everybodydigs# is a series of posts about Jazz, Funk, Soul & R’n’b albums released from the 20s to the 90s, you can read a brief description/review and listen to a small preview (when it’s possible). everybodydigs# is like when someone tells you “hey you should listen to this album!” and nothing less, enjoy!

Wayne Shorter’s compositions helped define a new jazz style in the mid-’60s, merging some of the concentrated muscular force of hard bop with surprising intervals and often spacious melodies suspended over the beat. The result was a new kind of “cool,” a mixture of restraint and freedom that created a striking contrast between Shorter’s airy themes and his taut tenor solos and which invited creative play among the soloists and rhythm section. The band on this 1964 session is a quintessential Blue Note group of the period, combining Shorter’s most frequent and effective collaborators. Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, pianist Herbie Hancock, bassist Ron Carter, and drummer Elvin Jones merge their talents to create music that’s at once secure and free flowing, sometimes managing to suggest tension and calm at the same time. –Stuart Broomer

Rappamelo’s favorite track: