everybodydigs#127 Minnie Riperton – Adventures in Paradise


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Adventures in Paradise was the first album that Minnie Riperton made with some stellar success behind her. Previously the singer’s singer, she had worked behind the scenes at Chess and made some delicious, cultish recordings with Rotary Connection and on her 1970 solo debut Come to My Garden. However, all that changed with her 1974 album, Perfect Angel, and its US number one hit single, Lovin’ You, which showcased her remarkable five-octave vocal range and briefly made her a household name.

Produced with Stevie Wonder, Perfect Angel was a huge, much-loved success. Adventures in Paradise was its follow-up and, inevitably, comparisons with its predecessor were made. Co-produced by The Crusaders’ studio man Stewart Levine (with Riperton and her husband/co-writer Richard Rudloph), it’s an exceptionally well-played, well-made album. Full of peace, love and sensuality, Adventures in Paradise is one of Riperton’s greatest recordings. (bbc.co.uk)

Rappamelo’s favorite track:

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  1. great post! heard this sampled but never heard the original. now i can go explore more of this lady’ music. Thanks!

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