DâM-Funk – 2013


DâM-Funk released a lot of unreleased/free downloads in 2013. This is 2013. an unofficial compilation. 34 Tracks. All tracks can be streamed at. soundcloud.com/damfunk. tracklist and download below. enjoy.


01. I Wish U Felt The Same Way i Do (Instro)
02. It Iz What It Iz
03. Behind The Shades [Alternate Version of ”Let It Go”]
04. Can U Feel This FUNK in Me
05. Don’t Want U 2 Go [Rough mix headphones as mic]
06. i Ain’t Fukin’ Wit’ Choo No More!
07. The Glow
08. Whenever U Rollin’… Don’t Forget 2 Pray
09. Broken Hex
10. Sophisticated G Style..In The Midst of Lames
11. Reflections
12. The Acceptance
13. The Funk Iz 4 U
14. Still G
15. Sights Are High!
16. Laidbak
17. Fix It
18. I Wanna Know How It Feels Inside, Of U
19. Loyalty
20. Obsessed
21. Warm Sentiments
22. Trouble In My life (Rought Vocal Mix)
23. Someone Tell Me
24. Don’t Let No One Get You Down
25. Levitate From It All
26. Song For Mom’s & Pop’s
27. It’s So Good 2 Be Alive
28. Never Again
29. Hope
30. U Brighten Up My Day
31. Bliss
32. On The Wings Of Funk
33. Come Fly With Me (Vocal)
34. I Wanna Thank U (4 Steppin’ Into My Life) ~ 2013


Watch. Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise


Jazz Film. Sun Ra. A Joyful Noise. Watch. enjoy.

One of jazz music’s most entertaining and eccentric figures is profiled in Robert Mugge’s hourlong, 1980 profile of the late bandleader-keyboardist-composer Sun Ra. “I don’t consider myself one of the humans,” he once said. “I’m a spiritual being,” who was reputed to eschew the usual jazzman’s indulgences of drugs and sex and who, despite the weird trappings (he and his big band, the Intergalactic Omniverse Arkestra, usually performed in glittery costumes that combined African, alien, and thrift-shop styles), infused his music with a strong sense of discipline and precision. Here we see Ra and the band rehearsing and performing; their “joyful noise” is free, sometimes chaotic, but also clearly blues-based, somewhat reminiscent of Monk or Mingus (there’s even a rendition of “‘Round Midnight”). Ra is also interviewed surrounded by the Egyptian artifacts and antiquities that were an important element of his “mythocracy.” He clearly loves having an audience–and how can you not enjoy listening to a guy who also chooses the White House as a backdrop for solemn pronouncements like “I’m not a part of history–I’m more a part of mystery, which is my story”? –Sam Graham