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  1. Hi. I liked the new look : ]
    I’ve been listening to your posts for a few years.
    Good taste, man. Thanks for the site!!

    Heres a “Earth Wind And Fire+Die Antwoord+M.IA”(+Beastie Boys and Hermanos Castro) deep dub versus remix I made. Its so much fun! Like your site!

    The second one is a Tame Impala remix for It feels like we only go backwards.

    I hope you like ’em.

  2. Thank You for donating your time to share music of other talented individuals, its been a fortune knowing I can go somewhere and here quality music I can get real with.


  3. Hi dude.
    I’ve been watchin’ your site for some time now. You are one of a kind.
    I wanna thank you for your sharing.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    How can i send in my music to be considered for a post, i’ve tried several of times and never heard anything back.

  5. just wanted to say this blog is AWESOME. i have been following for a while, andddd. im just gonna say it, its fucking awesome.


  6. Dok… I never got to thank you for all the great music you had on the old site. I filled up many a hard drive . I’m glad to see your still doing your thing …. 1Luv … Peace

  7. Hey, check out my my tape if you like.
    Only Instrumentals!

    I’m a producer from Germany.

    Taeb – The Instructional Tape
    Available on Tape & Digital.
    C60 Cassette in white shell with CrO2 tape and hand-painted variant covers by Istihar Kalach.


    Press (german):

    Hope you dig it!
    Thanks and Peace!

  8. Hey wassup,
    I´m from Brazil and follow your site for searching news stuffs and man,you got a amazing feeling for good shit braah!!

    so,I´m listening that album (Up Up We Go! – Mirror Mirror) here one time and the band dont have anymore a bandcamp profile.
    Can you help me found?

    Thanks a lot and keepin’ this site!!

  9. greetings, been a long time fan of your music palette. are you still posting? i hope you still will be. take care and keep bringing forth the great musical finds.

  10. What happened to this site??? No posts since November 2021. It was great site for music, hope you come back one day.

  11. I have been coming here since 2010! This community misses you dearly! Please return. Hoping for a healthy and happy summer to you.

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