Grip Grand – GG DOOM! BUT HOW?


Grip Grand went into a studio with a bunch of MF DOOM acapellas and 1.5 tons of vinyl and the result is “GG DOOM… BUT HOW?” where Grip Grand reworks some of the best MF Doom’s tracks. “This album is a tribute to one of my favorite artists. What more can I say?” well… mission accomplished. “GG DOOM… BUT HOW?” is available as free download at enjoy!

Quasimoto “Planned Attack”


First track taken from the new Quasimoto‘s compilation called “Yessir Whatever” that will contain 12 rare and previously unreleased tracks. “Yessir Whatever” will be released on June 18th via Stones Throw, stream “Planned Attack” down below, enjoy!

Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo – Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo


Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo is the collaborative between the 2 French producers, Onra & Buddy Sativa. Combining as the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo, today they release their bran new self-titled album with 12 tracks full with some spiritual, deep Jazz. Definitely an interesting album, “Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo” LP is out now on iTunes, enjoy!

Coultrain – Jungle Mumbo Jumbo


The new Coultrain‘s album called “Jungle Mumbo Jumbo” is finally out! “Jungle Mumbo Jumbo is inspired by Her, the missing pieces, and the generator, operator, and destroyer within. Where the “?” & “answer” led us, Jungle Mumbo Jumbo is the story of Seymour’s search of the ultimate muse, the 7 women involved, the erupting emotions, and the enlightenment born from it.”

You can stream “Jungle Mumbo Jumbo” in its entirety down below and get your copy at

Big Mister Doom – Disconnected Repeater


Big Mister Doom are a Manchester-based electronic music production duo formed by Ian Scott and Joe Wretham . They have released some music in the past but it’s their brand new EP called “Disconnected Repeater” that totally got my attention, 4 original tracks and two remixes from Huess and Planes for a beautiful mixture of downtempo leftfield hiphop and deeply textured electronic music. “Disconnected Repeater” is available now at enjoy!

Full listen here: