Long Arm – The Branches – Deluxe Edition


Originally released by Long Arm via Project Mooncircle in 2011  “The Branches” was already a beautiful album but right now is even better, today the berlin-based Project Mooncircle release a Deluxe Edition that contains the original album plus various remixes by Hidden Orchestra, Dday One, 40 Winks, Robag Wruhme, Sieren, Yoko Duo, Berry Weight, Empt and Speck from CYNE.

For more info and buy check: www.projectmooncircle.com

Full listen here:

Chris Dave and The Drumhedz “Africa…I Freak Her”


Chris Dave and the Drumhedz consists of world-renowned musicians that always alternate. The band may include a combination of any of the following: saxophonist, key player, bassist, guitarist and drummer (Chris Dave).

Chris Dave and the Drumhedz has featured great musicians such as Tenor Saxophonist Gary Thomas, bassist Joseph McCreary professionally known as Foley who played with Miles Davis from 1987-1991, Derrick Hodge and Pino Palladino, guitarists Isaiah Thomas and Tim Stewart, and Cleo “Pookie” Sample on keys.

This just a track from the full Drumhedz mixtape that currently has missed the release date (it was scheduled for December 11th) but it will be surely posted here as soon as released, enjoy!

For more info check: www.chris-dave.com

by the way below here you can stream another track from the mixtape, a rock version of J Dilla’s “Welcome 2 Detroit”:


DâM-FunK “Destination: Known” [Unreleased]


Final free download of 2012 from DâM-FunK, enjoy! if you missed some…. check: soundcloud.com/damfunk

Couldn’t fit it (due 2 the length of this composition) on the 2009 full-length debut: “Toeachizown”.

Yo, stay strong everybody. For real. Don’t let anyone try 2 hold anything over your head or fu*k around & try 2 bring U down out here, while navigating thru this thing we know called: ‘life’. Just keep pushin’..& enveloping your soul, spirit, self & entire being in: ‘The Light’.


“Destination: Known” – 14:16
(All music by: DāM-FunK)

**Stay focused.

Ras_G – AinaT EP


New stuff from Ras G, enjoy!

I Made this before i went 2 LDN for a month(Oct 2021)
I was hella depressed in spacebase thinking about ainaT( my ex)
Hardest time in my life…i can honestly say…never felt like that
what a rough time it was
henny and blunts 4 breakfast 3 pack of backwoods a day….I was feeling it hella yall!!!…all i could do 2 keep her off my mind was make shit.. did`nt add any airhorns or drops cause this project was not about _G.

Happy Arrival Day 2U all who supported me and got me thru that rough patch

Divine Love


01. Fixed-Air Detachmentz….
02. Gone…..
03. Gone(interlude)
04. Lentil Quesa-DILLA
05. duh….Mmhhmmm…Eye browz xx
06. Bloody episodes…
07. Lil feet…
08. farewell CosMc T….


V.A. – On the RAWS


Sometimes you can find these good things on soundcloud, free download, enjoy!

RAWS-ONE was beat session party in Tokyo, Nov27th, 1 hour jazz session & 1 hour beat make with jazz band sounds. “On the RAWS” is online exclusive EP based on RAWS-ONE’s jazz session Quintet RAWS / Feel like makin’ Love”

by the way i like this jazz version of “Feel like makin’ love”: